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12 Июля 2013

Dreams come true with “Kazakhstan Barysy”!

Today, the full owner of the car from “Kazakhstan Barysy” and “Astana Motors” became Daniar Disyukov.

7 Июля 2013

Winner of “Kazakhstan Barysy 2013” presented his coach a car

The winner of “Kazakhstan Barysy 2013” gave his coach a car.

4 Июля 2013

Victor Demyanenko: Put a task to reach the final

In Astana, at Sary-Arka national cycle track traditional Kazakhstan Barys Kazak Kuresi tournament for the prizes of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev came to an end.

4 Июля 2013

“Kazakhstan Barysy” in East Kazakhstan Region got a car and an apartment as a gift

Management of East Kazakhstan region presented a foreign car and two-bedroom apartment in Semey to the winner of the tournament, “Kazakhstan Barysy 2013” Aibek Nugymarov,

1 Июля 2013

“Kazakhstan Barysy -2013” named the best ones

In Astana, in “Sary-Arka” capital cycle track the final of the tournament “Kazakhstan Barysy” -2013 for the prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev took place.

1 Июля 2013

Third National Tournament in “Kazakhstan Barysy” Kazak Kuresi

Strongest paluans of the Republic, not sparing themselves, fought for the grand prize of “Tai Tuyak” and the championship belt.

30 Июня 2013

Aibek Nugymarov - winner of “Kazakhstan Barysy 2013”

In Astana, in the national cycle track “Sary-Arka” the traditional tournament in Kazaksha Kures “Kazakhstan Barysy” for the prizes of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev

29 Июня 2013

More gifts!

One of the main sponsors of the Tournament is “Stada CIS” presents a ticket to Hungary, Budapest to the Championship in wrestling.

18 Июня 2013

A film about “Kazakhstan Barysy”!

A film about “Kazakhstan Barysy”!